Nicolette Moore

I turn experts into unicorns.

One message at a time.

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"Your message can change history. Make it count."



Brand Authority


Co-Founder, First Class Agency

Future TEDx Event Organizer


The right words can make the difference between delivering a message that impacts, or losing your audience in the first sentence.

I'll guide you find the words that develop the message you can build your business around- on + off stage.

Your words create your reality. Let me help you craft them into your unicorn thought leader brand where you will finally find the words to share on any stage.

How I Help

Vision Setting

In my community, Legacy Lounge, I help my clients craft powerful "Moonshot" visions and then reverse engineer them into daily, actionable steps to help them turn their dreams into reality.

Story Discovery

In my USP Pop Up Workshops, I help my students deepen their foundational understanding of how they can start to create a heart centered message they can design their brand around.

Brand Building

In Voice of Purpose, my exclusive Speaking Accelerator Experience program, I help my clients develop powerful brand building speeches they can take to any stage. Our World Champion Coach helps them develop untouchable speaking skills. From crafting an impactful message that moves to how you present it, you will walk away in awe of what you can create for your future.

Love for Nicolette

Here are a few of the clients that I've worked with over the past few years and what they say about their experience with me.

My Mission

I am committed to helping thought leaders go from ignored to adored by helping them find the right words for their message.

I can help you become a unicorn expert- a truly radical brand- based on the mission that calls you to action.

My Vision

I am obsessed with transforming the way humans engage with each other. Our challenges navigating relationships cause pain that fracture homes and society. Through our work, my vision is to see families strengthened, and society healed.

Your message matters. It makes an impact that transforms lives globally. It needs to be shared.

My Story

In 2017, I lost my only daughter. Her death was a blow that I did not know how to process. The grief was unbearable, and led me to plan an accidental suicide. With three boys at home, I didn't want them to know I killed myself.

It was a thought leader who opened my eyes. One woman, in one video, helped me find hope where I had none before.

And now, beyond the healing work I have done for myself + my family, I am committed to paying the gift of thought leadership forward.

It's time to discover your message so you can take it the world stage to impact real change.


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