There are only a few books that I really get excited about reading. 

Books that are so interesting on the first read, that I can’t help but go back to them again & again. 

Books that are not only incredibly engaging but also serve as guides to help me along on my journey. 

Your One Word, by Evan Carmichael, is one of those books.

If you’re anything like me, then you know the value of a strong brand & having clear messaging for your business. BUT you may struggle to really articulate & summarize what your brand message is. I know I’ve been struggling with nailing my messaging, so this book has been brilliant to read. 

Your One Word gives exercises & thought-provoking questions to help you get clear… &  if you do the exercises he gives you inside, you’ll see how well they work to get you CLEAR!

I went from knowing the message I want to convey, but pretty unsure how I could best deliver it to now knowing my ONE WORD. 

Now, I have so much more clarity on how to produce content moving forward that will serve all of you way better than I had before. 

So the book is broken up into 3 sections:

  • CORE

In each section, Evan uses his own business and case studies of other entrepreneurs to show how each element he shares has been applied in real-deal, super successful businesses in a variety of different industries.

Section One: Core 

This section was exactly what I needed to get clear on my one word

Before I read the book I knew Evan had his One Word, #BELIEVE, and I’ve heard him speak about his one word in chunks, so I’ve tinkered with different words before getting my hands on this book. 

Originally I was torn between #LOVE, #INSPIRED, #HOPE, #PURPOSE, & even #AUTHENTIC. They are all great words, right? But, to have ONE WORD, I’d have to figure out which one was my ONE WORD.

I actually took the time to work through the exercises that Evan gives in the 3 chapters of this section. 

Then I knew. I had a major “AHA” moment, and saw that #INSPIRED was my ONE WORD. 

What ended up being the real eye-opener in this section was getting clear on the traits that I hate. 

I have been focusing so much attention on everything I love and admire- so I’ve had this big pool of awesomeness to sort through & that left me feeling pretty overwhelmed & unable to narrow things down. 

Once I considered traits I hate, I was really able to nail my ONE WORD. It was so much easier for me to identify the things I hate, tie them together to see what my one word is, and be able to fully embrace it. 

Here’s what Evan said that makes this so powerful:

“This is not a list of your fears or your limiting beliefs.

It’s a list of the traits you are truly allergic to, that just brings you down, & that make you unhappy.

The list is the start, but the power is in seeing what connects them.”

Evan Carmichael

That was what I needed. Once I worked through that, I was certain that #INSPIRED was my one word.

Section Two: Campaign

The chapters in Campaign are all about building a movement around your one word that will be meaningful and engaging for your audience, and something that they will be excited to be a part of. 

My FAVORITE chapter lives in this section. 

Chapter Five: The Planning Checklist

This is where everything really clicked for me. 

I understood the wisdom in Evan’s commentary on building a strong tribe & the various elements of having a memorable & strong brand.

This chapter is GOLD by itself- & it’s the one I keep going back to for insight & to help me as I work out how to clarify and share my #INSPIRED brand. 

What was really awesome as I read through this chapter was seeing how Evan actually USES each element he covers in his branding in such a #BELIEVE kind-of-way. 

He goes in depth on :

  • Mindset
  • Your Powerful Credo
  • Your Founding Story
  • Your Tribe
  • Rituals With Your Tribe
  • Having a Purpose-full name
  • Knowing Your Enemy
  • Logo, font’s, Symbols
  • & Believe it or not— your brand SOUND

This was all very interesting to read through and see how he uses these elements in his business. 

I loved the Powerful Credo. 

Creating a credo out of my ONE WORD #INSPIRED was challenging but so well worth the time to write out. 

Your credo is used to really identify to your audience what your One Word stands for to you. What #BELIEVE means to Evan may be very different than what Believe may mean to you. What #INSPIRED means to me may be very different than what INSPIRED may mean to you. 

Here’s the credo I came up with for #INSPIRED:

~YOU Inspire The World (#LiveInspired)

People are watching you. Live an exceptionally purpose-driven life. Inspire others by being a living example of what can be possible for them too.

~BE Inspired To Serve (#InspiredInfluence)

Use your influence to bring the highest value you can to your tribe. Develop trust with them & always think of their needs above your own with everything you create.

~HAVE An Inspired Mindset (#InspiredTransformation)

Your thoughts control your actions & behaviors. Prioritize becoming the best version of YOU. Constantly strive to think better & live better. 

~BE Inspired By Your Potential (#StayInspired)

Study successful people. Embrace the TRUTH that YOU have the same capacity to INFLUENCE & INSPIRE the world as those who have INFLUENCED & INSPIRED you. 

Section 3: Company

This last section was informative and educational- Evan went over topics like hiring & firing, growing a team & other business-related practices. 

Since I’m living it up as a solopreneur at the present, this section was not very relatable for me and it was a bit hard to get into. 


I did get value in the sense that he shared lessons learned that helped prime me for when I do get to the point I can take on a team. 

I know when the time is right, I’ll be constantly referring back to his input that was shared so I make sure I’m on track.

My favorite insight that Evan shares in this section is on “Quality Control.”

“You need to be proud of the products and services you create…. 

This is your legacy that your building. 

This is what people are going to remember you for. 

Make it count.

Your One Word should ooze out of the product or service you create.”

Evan concludes the book by calling it a blueprint, not just “another book”  and I couldn’t agree more.

As I’ve said before, I know I will continue to refer back to this as a guide as I evolve and grow my business. 

In Conclusion

Have you read this book? 

If so, what’s your one word? 

If not, what are you waiting for?

Get Your One Word NOW!

OH! and did I mention I was interviewed by Evan? Well, I was! 

Check out that video I shot immediately after the interview right here:

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